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Product Care: General Info and Q/A

Maintain Cutting or Charcuterie Boards


Using a cutting board oil will keep your board sanitary, water resistant and looking good. Charcuterie boards will likely need far less applications of oil. Cutting boards however, may need monthly applications of oil depending on use. We use Howard Butcher Block Oil which is inexpensive and easily found at many stores. Any brand will work fine so long as it consists of food grade mineral oil and beeswax.

How Should I Clean My Boards?


Simply wipe off crumbs and if needed you can gently clean with a little soap and water. Never soak or dunk in water. Never, ever place in dishwasher. Dry immediately. Lean upright to dry allowing for air circulation. Once completely dry re-apply board oil if needed.



Similar to our boards, utensils such as muddlers and chopsticks are also finished with a food safe mineral oil and bees wax. Depending on amount of use, your utensils will need to be maintained as needed. (see maintain boards above for oil suggestions)

If you notice a little roughness on the wood surface that is just the natural product retaining and expelling moisture which raises the wood grain slightly. You can very easily smooth by taking a high grit sandpaper such as 600-1000 grit and lightly sand to knock off the roughness. Reapply oil post sand. Avoid sanding resin areas to avoid any scuffing.

Why Does My New Board/Product Feel Greasy?

We soak all boards in a 100% food safe mineral oil, which provides natural antimicrobial protection throughout. Then we apply cutting board oil providing additional water resistance and protection. Needless to say, that's a lot oil. But over a short amount of time, the oil does lessen but the benefits remain. Items such as cocktail muddlers, spoons and chopsticks are also treated in a similar manner.


Can I Use a Resin and Wood Charcuterie Board As My Full-time Cutting Board?

It is not recommended. Resin is food safe, but like any plastic cutting board, sharp knives cut and gorge the epoxy. Over time, that just doesn't look great. Designated cutting boards made of wood can be oiled and self heal or can be repaired. Gouges in resin can't be repaired.

I don't see an answer to my question here?

Please reach out! If you have a question about a product you have or an item you've been thinking about having made but having questions, get in touch. We will happily try to answer all your questions.

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